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Spring Cleaning Your Facebook

Spring is almost here - time to get your Facebook account in shape for the summer!

1. Check your privacy settings.

To find your privacy settings log into Facebook, click the dropdown arrow by the question mark icon (top right of the page). Choose Settings, then click Privacy. Now look through each item in your privacy settings and make sure that’s the level of privacy you are comfortable with.

Some things to consider

  • Who can see your posts? If this is set at Public, then everyone can see them. That might be fine. If not, you can change that setting to only allow Friends to see your posts, or even Specific friends.
  • Who can send you a friend request? You can choose Everyone or Friends of Friends.
  • Are you sharing your email address or your phone number with people, and do you want to do that?

2. Clean up old apps.

Apps are third party tools connected to your Facebook account. For example, if you connected your fitness app to Facebook to share your morning bike ride, your fitness app will be in this list.

Look through each app. If you don’t recognize it, simply hover over the app with your mouse and click the X to remove the app from your Facebook account.

3. Look at your Friends list.

Finally, this is a good time to think about your Facebook friends. It's really okay to unfriend someone on Facebook! If you don't want to do that, you also have the option to hide their posts so you won't see them. It's also a great time to make new friends (and Like the Library’s Facebook Page!).

Hope this helps you enjoys your spring just a little bit more!

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