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Outlander obsessed

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I picked up the first book as a primer to watching the show, because I believe books are always better than the movie version, natch. That was back in May. Then I got the DVD, and I've been down the rabbit hole ever since!

outlander book
Gaboldon's books are literal tomes. They are all BIG books, ranging from 700-1000 page. So, don't be afraid to get the audiobook. I did because that’s my method to test a new-to-me author. the bonus of listening to audiobooks: the accents. Davina Porter does an excellent job narrating this series!

Now, don't believe the hype. The advertising for the DVD release really played up the time-travel / adventure angle, but that's not what I got out of the story. My take? It’s more of a historical romance / adventure. Having only seen the advertising, yes I was surprised by that!

on horse

I was also surprised that the show is just as graphic as the book. Although, I shouldn’t have been, knowing that it’s a Starz show instead of a more mainstream channel.

tweed jacket dress

The costumes - oh boy! Terry Dresbach, the costume designer, has a wonderful blog that goes into greater detail. I am seriously crushing on all of the plaid, Claire's knitwear, and the Mackenzie men's berets! I'm calling it - the show's costume team should win an award.

Go fall down the rabbit hole into this Pinterest Page that features some of the gorgeous knits and tweeds perfect for winter weather from the Outlander series.

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