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One-on-one Tech Support

Gadget and ebook appointments

computer helpTo help people use technology better we offer one-on-one technology appointments every week. People can sign up for individual help in-person, by Zoom or over the phone. Here are some examples of the help we've provided:

  • Helped a couple who came in with an older laptop move photos off their phone and onto their computer to free up space on their phone.  
  • Helped a person using Facebook Marketplace learn how to navigate better and organize the groups she sells and trades plants on. 
  • Helped someone learn how to use Zoom on their iPad so they could attend a community meeting as part of their job. 
  • Helped a gentleman learn how to navigate Excel when he took over organizing meetings and membership for his non-profit group.

Level 2 Tech Center

We also offer individual tech help as needed in the Level 2 Tech Center. Here are some examples of help we've provided:

  • A Ukrainian woman and her young son coming in to print a PDF of a Kansas DMV handbook in Russian. We used Google translate to communicate with each other.
  • A retired lady used the recording studios to record herself promoting a comedy routine for various retirement homes and organizations in town.
  • We helped a retired couple from Mexico apply for
    a marriage license.
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