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Adrianne Evans holding a book Adrianne Evans holding a book

Meet Your New Foodie Guide

I am really looking forward to sharing my thoughts about food and cooking with all of you! This is going to be a fun ride together.

Cooking Credentials

Adrianne Evans holding a book

Adrianne is ready to share some of her favorite food reads, recipes and tips.

Born and raised here in Topeka, Kansas, I moved to France in the early 70s. For 10 years I lived in Lyon, France, the gastronomical capital of the world. It was there that I discovered a whole other world of food. I ate out as often as I could, trying to discover everything I could about French cuisine.

There were so many opportunities to learn from the chefs in the area. I took every class I could, from simple half day classes in a restaurant to 8-week long courses in pastry at one of the city’s best known pastry shops. When I shopped in the street markets, I learned how to use fresh and seasonal fruits and veggies, local meats and fish. I also bought a fresh baguette every day. Both of my girls were born in France and have become “foodies” as well.

We then lived in Switzerland for four years, in and around the Geneva area, where I learned about regional Swiss foods and ate lots of cheese! I moved back to Topeka in 1985 and taught classes at The Cooking Company in the JMBauersfeld’s supermarket. I also sold French foods that I had prepared in their deli.

Now I just cook for fun but I still love a great meal at a fine restaurant. When I travel, I search out established places and new, upcoming chefs. I love to read books by chefs, books about food or the food industry, and cookbooks.

Food Reading

I just finished the new book by former Gourmet magazine editor Ruth Reichl Save Me the Plums and loved it! She is also a former food critic for both the LA Times and the New York Times and her descriptions of food can almost make me taste them. I can always find the latest cookbook at my library, great produce at the library's farmers market or read digital magazines related to anything food thanks to Flipster and Libby. The library is my happy place!

I’m looking forward to sharing ideas and recipes with you. Feel free to send me ideas or suggestions of things you would like to see here.

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