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Kid Tested, Librarian Approved: New chapter books for emerging readers


While browsing the new juvenile fiction books I came across some great books for beginning chapter book readers.

The Girl in the Tree written by Ellen Potter & illustrated by Sara Cristofori

Fitting in and making friends is something many people struggle to do. It’s even harder for Cordelia. She is an eight-year-old who is being raised in the trees of Central Park by the squirrel who found her when she was just a baby. While she acts like other young squirrels, sometimes Cordelia wonders what it would be like to have human friends.

Will Cordelia find a human friend she can really relate to, or will she find her home among the squirrels is the best place for her?


by Cora Reef

When a friend is moving away it can cause some big feelings. When Simon Seahorse’s friend DeeDee announces her family is leaving their reef home, he is unsure how to feel. Simon knows one thing – he wants DeeDee to have something to remember her friends. He plans a going away party. Simon has lots of ideas of what the perfect party looks like to him but sometimes things just don’t work out the way you plan. Follow Simon and his friends as they celebrate DeeDee on her last day in the reef in the most perfect way.

As the eighth book in the series, Simon Seahorse can keep young readers engaged for quite a while. You can read this series in any order. Other titles in the series: Simon Says, I Spy ... a Shark!, Don't Pop the Bubble Ball!, Summer School of Fish, Into the Kelp Forest, Shell We Dance? and Dragon Dreams

written by Mitali Banerjee Ruths & illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel

Priya recently started her own business called Priya’s Parties after successfully planning a birthday party for her Aunty. Now her Aunty’s niece Tara want her to plan a party for her and her high school friends. Since Priya has never been to a teen party, she's a little nervous. Follow Priya as she goes through all the steps of planning a perfect party.

As the second book in The Party Diaries series this book is written in a diary format. It has lots of pictures, which makes it inviting and less intimidating reading for a young reader. The story also offers brief teaching moments with topics like henna, pangolins and cactus.

Other titles in this series include Awesome Orange Birthday and Top Secret Anniversary.

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