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Kid Tested, Librarian Approved: graphic novels

I decided to expand my reading selections by exploring a genre that is outside my usual choices. Since the young people at our library tend to love to read graphic novels, I decided to explore them. Here are some amazing books I recommend.

 Lemon Bird Can Help by  Paulina Ganucheau

Lemon bird and his best friend Pupkin find themselves in trouble when they fell asleep in a truck and wake up far from home. The two friends must work together if they are going to find their way home. Along with making new friends, the two start helping others on their journey home to the farm.

Lemon bird and the other characters in the book are cutely designed with Fruit or veggie body styles. I enjoyed looking for all the little animals in the background as well as the main characters. This is great for younger readers who are just getting started and looking for graphic novels.

 Pizza and Taco: Who’s the Best by Stephen Shaskan

Pizza and Taco are best friends. As best friends they agree on everything right? Well, not quite everything. Each believes the other is great, but they are the best. This book is full of debates, competitions, voting and eventually defining what best really is. Who is the best? Read it and find out for yourself.

This is also full of fun foods. Maybe I was unconsciously thinking of lunch time while I was choosing my graphic novels. Other titles in the series: Pizza and Taco: Best party ever! and Pizza and Taco: Super-awesome comic!

The Epic Origin of Super Potato by Artur Laperla 

Super Max spends his days looking fabulous and fighting the evil villain Doctor Malevolent. This day is like more of the same, or is it? Doctor Malevolent has a new weapon that may allow him to take out Super Max before he can stop the evil plan. This ultimate weapon will transform super Max into small potatoes, well a small potato anyway. Will Max run away and cry or will he find a way to defeat Doctor Malevolent once again?

Find out if Super Max can overcome or if he will end up as mashed potatoes. If you like the action of superhero comics try this one out. It's a little silly but quite enjoyable. I also recommend Super Potato's Galactic Breakout.

Apple Crush by Lucy Knisley

Jen recently moved to the farm and she's facing many new things. She has a new job at the pumpkin patch, new stepsisters and soon she'll go to a new school. Not just any school but middle school. Jen is asking herself why things must change? Growing up can be hard and the changes in yourself and your friends can be difficult. Jen continues to juggle the changes life keeps throwing at her. I can relate to Jen’s feelings as she struggled with changes.

This book is the second book in the Peapod Farm series, but I didn’t realize that until after I finished it. I was eager to go back and read the beginning of Jen’s story in Stepping Stones.

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