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Kid Tested, Librarian Approved: Discover a new hobby

Winter solstice is past but short, gray days are still to come. Don't let winter doldrums get you down! Now is the time to perfect old skills or learn something new.

A hobby is "an activity done regularly in one's leisure for pleasure." Find what you enjoy doing and get good at it! Pick up tips and tricks, discover new approaches, and practice, practice, practice! The library has resources to inspire and coach as you develop your interests. If it's something you enjoy, it will be fulfilling and rewarding!

Read on for great books to read as you consider your hobby options.

Dynamite Kids Cooking School by Dana Bowen

dynamite kids cooking schoolThis cookbook serves up great skills for chefs of all ages. It includes 45 pages of cooking skills and tips, a glossary of terms for learners, and of course, delicious kid-tested recipes that teach culinary skills while allowing creativity to please every palate.


Candlekeep Mysteries

candlekeep mysteriesFind 17 unique Dungeons and Dragons campaigns that include all of the content you’ll need to run a single two-to-four hour game with your friends. This is a book to help you perfect existing Dungeon Master skills. Use it in conjunction with the D&D Player's Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master's Guide to develop and run your own exciting campaigns. It'll be like throwing a natural 20!


The Kids' Guide to Digital Photography by Jenni Bidner

digital photography book Digital cameras are easy to use but taking a great photograph is much more than simple point and shoot. The Kids Guide is the best how-to book on digital imaging for for kids, It it uses energetic photos and easy-to-follow steps that show kids how to frame, focus on and use flash to capture an image. Then it teaches how to crop, manipulate and download pictures. You'll find 15 hands-on projects, like turning snapshots into puzzles, photo magnets, and digital scrapbooks, that will bring any budding photographer into sharp focus.


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