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Holiday Plants Toxic to Pet Birds


The holidays provide us with many beautiful decorations that can be dangerous to our pet birds. Many common holiday plants are extremely toxic to our feathered companions.

Holly: Holly's leaves and berries can be deadly.

Mistletoe: Mistletoe's leaves and berries are also very toxic.

Poinsettias: Poinsettias are not only poinsonous to birds but to other pets as well.

Christmas trees and wreaths. Live evergreens have been known to cause problems in some parrot species. Even if you opt for an artificial tree, be aware that lights and decorations can cause harm to your bird.

Christmas Cactus: It is difficult to find information on the toxicity of the Christmas cactus, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you have questions about the toxicity of other plants, check with you veterinarian.

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