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Holiday Decorating Made Easy

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This year has gone by incredibly fast, it feels like Halloween was just last week! Now it’s time to decorate for a new season yet again. Holiday decorating can be quite a chore, especially if you have way too many decorations for your home. If you need a breath of inspiration, the library can help your holiday decorating woes.

If you haven’t seen our periodicals room, we have a plethora of magazines to browse. That is where you will find the home magazine collection. Many of the December and January issues of these magazines are offering great tips on how to decorate and bring a bit of holiday cheer to your home.

Check out the Family Circle Magazine which has some great tips on how to pick out that perfect Christmas tree for your house as well as decorating it to match your room. They also share some great cleaning advice for holiday messes like getting wine out of your carpet, rings off of wood tables, and chocolate out of your tablecloths.

This month’s Traditional Home shares Holiday homes from around the country. See how families decorated their houses in Boston, Chicago and Connecticut. From bathrooms to living rooms, these families have decorated it all. They also share tips on how to make your Thanksgiving decorations last well into winter too!

Country Living magazine this month is highlighting houses from all over the country showcasing a variety of decorating styles. They also share ideas on how to redesign your kitchen, great for those of you who realized your kitchen is way too small after hosting Thanksgiving.Use clothespins to hang outdoor lights

Don’t forget to go on-line as well. Check out Flipster available here at the library to view all of these issues and more from your mobile device, tablet or your computer. Even check out last year’s holiday issues for even more decorating ideas.  Each magazine also has its own website with even more holiday decorating tips. I particularly like Family Handyman’s idea of using clothespins to hang your lights so you don’t have to nail into your soffits. Have any great holiday decorating tips to share? We would love to hear them below!

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