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Great Read Alouds: Picks for early readers

Early reader books are a fast-growing genre written to support children in their reading development. They bridge the gap from picture books to chapter books and help children become independent readers. These books also promote confidence and a love of reading.

We have a very rich early reader section in our library. These books are full of sight words and fun, repetitive phrases as well as great pictures and characters your early reader can identify, laugh and enjoy reading with.


Our early reader collection has three classifications, "Beginning," "Growing" and "Confident."  The Beginning books have just a few words on a page with lots of sight words and some letter themed books. This is where Gerald and Piggy live. (My personal favorite.)


The "Growing" books challenge your early reader with more words and smaller print. You can find Barbie, Berenstain Bears, Lego, Amelia Bedelia, Fancy Nancy and some superhero books in this section.

The "Confident" books are a step away from chapter books with one or two paragraphs per page, some of these even have chapters like Nate the Great.

If you have an early reader, please explore our wonderful collection. You can find them between the bus and the fish tank. 🙂 Here are a few new ones I recommend.

Eagles in the End Zone written by Heidi E. Y.  Stemple & illustrated by Eva Byrne

Perfect for the start of football season! This one is in our Beginning section. Football fans crowd into the stands to cheer on the exciting match of Turkeys versus Eagles. As the players take their place on the field, every bird is flapping and flipping with football fever. Let the game begin!

The Super-duper Magnet! written by Lauren Clauss & illustrated by Shane Clester

This one is in our "Growing" section. When a super-duper magnet at a construction site accidentally turns on, attracting all the metal in the city, the Mechas are ready to help. But the robot friends are made of metal too! The mighty Mecha Builders try different plans and they don't give up until the problem is solved.

Interrupting Cow and the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing written by Jan Yolen & illustrated by Joëlle Dreidemy

You can find this book in our "Confident" section. Interrupting Cow has a mystery to solve! Do sheep growl, groan or howl? If not, what could this strange new creature in the pasture be? One thing Interrupting Cow does know is that there’s always room for more friends!
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