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Great Read Alouds: Let's get personal

There are some words almost guaranteed to generate laughter from toddlers and children, or honestly, even adults. Often referred to as potty talk it can make adults cringe. Although embarrassing, trying these words is a good measure of age appropriate development. Toddlers use the language to connect the body parts and bodily functions they are learning to control through potty training. Older children might use them when they are anxious or angry, as a form of humor and as a way to push boundaries. By getting reactions from "poopy face" they are learning acceptable behavior and social cues. It's all part of growing!

The Underpants written by Tammi Sauer & illustrated by Joren Cull

Underwear shenanigans! Kitty gets into the farmer's fresh laundry and finds a new "coat." Then along come other farm friends who want to share this cool coat. How many animals will it hold?

"Cull's illustrations resemble a kooky comic strip, perfect for Sauer's goofy humor... Sure to elicit laughter." –Kirkus Reviews


I Made These Ants Some Underpants written by Derick Wilder & illustrated by K-Fai Steele

In a rhyming story full of vibrant illustrations, a boy decides to make underwear for some of his friends – piggy bank, python and boomerang. Things go a little wild when the recipients aren't as excited with their new gifts as was expected.

“Sure to have kids beside themselves with glee” ―Kirkus Reviews


Monster's New Undies written by Samantha Berger & illustrated by Tad Carpenter

Oh my! Monster's underwear fell apart and it's time to shop for new ones with his mom. But finding the perfect pair is not so easy to do. Full of bright illustrations and a wonderful rhyming scheme, this will bring on fits of laughter.

"If only every underwear shopping trip ended in such satisfaction." –Kirkus Reviews

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