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Great Read Alouds: Can't sit still

Can't Sit Still?

Interactive books engage creativity and encourage an active role in the reading process by pointing, touching, tracing and responding. Sharing these books with little ones boosts positive emotional reading connections, strengthens vocabulary, allows natural opportunities for questions, and enriches the bonding experience for child and reader. Read on for some of my favorite interactive books!

High Five
written by Anna Rubi & illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

high five bookGet ready for the high five contest! Stretch those fingers and learn hand slapping with style. This is a hilarious, interactive book that begs to be read again. And again.

Something Stinks!
by Jonathan Fenske

somethign stinks bookEww! What is that smell? Readers are encouraged to help skunk locate the disgusting smell with laughs along the way!

Tap! Tap! Tap! Dance! Dance! Dance!
by Herve Tullet

​​Tap tap tap bookKids bursting with energy? Here's the perfect book for them! The book is a ​dance floor and hands are the dancers. Bold colors, shapes and motion encourage active participation. 

How to Talk Like a Bear
written by Charlie Grandy & illusrated by Zlex G. Griffiths

how to talk like a bearFollow this funny how-to-guide on bear speak. You'll be fluent in no time!



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