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Great Read Alouds: Answering kids' questions

Did you know honeybees dance to share information with the rest of their colony? Bees use different types of dances to let other bees know where to find nectar.

Children are born with a sense of wonder and a passion to understand the world around them. They naturally ask questions. “Why?” “What?” “Who?” "Where?” Here are some of my favorite books (fiction and nonfiction) to help answer those question.

Polar Bear written by Candace Fleming & illustrated by Eric Rohmann

Spring is approaching as a mother polar bear and her two cubs emerge from hibernation. The story shares the journey of this family as they forage and feast. Rohmann's beautiful illustrations realistically depict the changing landscape. The book also features information about the polar bears' survival.

Whose Tracks in the Snow by Milton Alexandra

The book features several woodland animals with beautiful illustrations, including clues to the animal who left the tracks. The main text makes for a quick read-aloud. There is additional text for you to explore details about each animal featured. This is probably one of my new all-time favorites.

Tree Holes Homes written by Melissa Stewart & illustrated by Amy Hevron

Ever wonder what animals live in a tree? This book solves that mystery. We learn about 15 animals living in tree holes. You may be surprised by the animals who make a home inside a tree.

Over and Under the Pond written by Kate Messner & illustrated by Chirstopher Silas Neal

This book highlights the inter-connection between the ecosystems of a pond. We learn about various plants and animals within this environment. Additional information about the animals highlighted is featured at the back of the book. This is part of a series of books by this author and illustrator team.



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