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Comforting Kids in the Face of Tragedy

The recent shootings in Newport, Conn., and Topeka have left all of us trying to find a little comfort. Whether wondering why or being angry at our political system or attempting to make sense out of such senseless acts, comfort helps get us through tough times.

Kids, especially, have it hard. With 20 kids losing their lives in Newtown, many of our own children are wondering why these events happen or how to comprehend such a loss to their family or community. How do we talk to kids about these events? What can we say? What resources are available?

Youth Collections Coordinator Wendy Lukehart at the Washington D.C. Public Library has put together a useful and informative online guide, Comforting Kids in the Face of Tragedy. In it you'll find this help:

  • Web resources
  • Print resources
  • List of books to help kids quickly return to their everyday lives

Do you know of any great resources to help parents, caregivers, or teachers to help kids cope? Let us know in the comments below.

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