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Check Learn Another Language Off Your List

Learning a new language or improving your skills in a language has so many benefits that lots of us have this on our to do list. Traveling to another country is more fun and smoother if you speak the language. Your work may be more productive if you can speak another language. You may have friends or relatives who speak another language. If you improve your language skills, you can speak to them directly instead of talking through someone else.

smart phone with Mango appWith your library card you can take online language courses in Mango that use conversational-based learning. You can choose your chapters based on what you want to do – greetings and small talk, travel, or food and drink for example. There are specialty courses for business, legal, medical, text talk and even romance.

The voice comparison feature lets you record yourself speaking and compare it to a native speaker. This way you can hear when you’re a little off the mark or when you have nailed it. In addition to learning the language, Mango includes cultural tips with the lessons to give you insights into the culture and help you avoid faux pas.

If you already know some of the language (perhaps you took classes in high school), you can take a placement test to determine where you should start. There’s no need to start at the very beginning if you have some basics down.

For the eight most popular languages you can expand your learning through movies. Watch foreign films just with subtitles or watch in engage mode, which will stop the movie after each scene for a small lesson over what you watched. This movie feature helps you learn the language, learn more about the culture and watch a good movie.

Mango logoMango also has a mobile app so you can learn while you’re commuting or just away from your computer. The app is available in IOS or Android with Bluetooth and auto play, which keeps playing courses until you stop. You can also download courses when you are connected to WiFi.

Bump up language learning on your to do list and try Mango today.

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