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And then there was blackberry cobbler

I have been on a blackberry cobbler kick lately. I have been constantly looking in all the new cookbooks that have come out for a blackberry cobbler recipe. What started all this? Well, I needed to make something for the Cooking by the Book cookbook club and the cookbook we were discussing that night was Heartland: the cookbook by Judith Fertig. There was a recipe for a blackberry cobbler and it just so happened that I had some blackberries I need to use.  While it was good, I just didn't think it was great.
So, the following month, the cookbook that we were discussing for the Cooking by the Book cookbook club was The Pioneer Woman cooks: Recipes from an accidental country girl. There was a blackberry cobbler recipe in that cookbook as well and I just wanted to see if it was better. So, I tried it and brought it for the others in the book club to try.  And while it was good, it just wasn't that great either.
Later, as I was looking through all the new cookbooks, I came across The back in the day bakery cookbook by Cheryl Day and Griffith Day. Lo and behold, there was a blackberry cobbler recipe.  I told myself that I needed to make this cobbler for entertaining purposes (friends were coming for dinner), but secretly I wanted to see if this a great blackberry cobbler. And I have to say, it was. The crust is buttery with just a hint of sweetness. The filling is really simple with blackberries (of course), cornstarch, a little sugar and lemon zest. It's the lemon zest that really makes this so good. I served the cobbler warm with homemade ice cream and it was devoured by everyone that night.
While I was looking for new cookbooks, I also came across the new Martha's American food: a celebration of our nation's most treasured dishes, from coast to coast by Martha Stewart. Divided by regions of the United States, it has many recipes that are simple but look scrumptious. As always, the recipes are easy to read and the photography is beautiful.  No, it doesn't have a blackberry cobbler recipe but the blueberry crisp looks divine. It also has a recipe for grilled chicken with a spicy peach glaze. Now, I can't wait for for peach season so that I can try that recipe.

If you are interested in these cookbooks or any other cookbooks, check out the Cooking Neighborhood and the New Books area at the library. If you would like to join our Cooking by the Book cookbook club, be sure and mark your calendars for June 14th at 7:00 pm. We will be talking about and sharing different kinds of salads. We meet in the Anton Room for great conversation and great fun. If you have any questions you can call me at 580-4540 and I can tell you more about it. Happy Cooking!!

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