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kids running outside kids running outside kids running outside kids running outside

12 fun & easy ideas to get kids active

Get Active

Toddlers and preschoolers' endless supply of energy is amazing! They love to be on the move – romping, climbing and exploring. All this physical activity builds a foundation for an active lifestyle. Research shows children who are active have better health outcomes later in life.

It is important to make physical activity a regular part of your family life and routine. Encourage movement, engage in playful experiences and model a physically active lifestyle. The key is to make it fun!

Fun ideas for physical activity

  1. dancing mom and daughterHave a dance party
  2. Go for a kid-led walk with or without the dog                
  3. Play hopscotch (use painter’s tape inside)               
  4. Go bowling              
  5. Play red light green light                                 
  6. Create an obstacle course              
  7. laughing boyPlay balloon tennis        
  8. Run through the sprinklers          
  9. Play musical chairs            
  10. Go on a treasure hunt        
  11. Have a parade                 
  12. Catch fireflies

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends children ages 1 and 2 years spend three hours engaged in physical activity. Keep in mind this recommended time is spread throughout the day. AAP recommends 3-5-year-olds' three hours of physical activity includes one hour of a heart-pumping activity. Heart-pumping activities include riding a trike, kicking a ball and climbing a jungle gym.

Physical activity is important for your child’s overall healthy growth and development. 

Benefits of physical activity

  • builds strong bones, muscles and joints
  • boosts your child’s immunity
  • boosts a child’s well-being
  • reduces anxiety and tension
  • reduces the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and even heart disease later in life


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