Stargazing at the Sabatini Gallery

Photo taken by the Bureau of Land Management

I’ve always loved looking at the stars. One of my favorite activities is to lie on the grass in my backyard and look at the night sky.

As a kid I was lucky enough to spend many summers in the Bounty Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) in Northern Minnesota. Every night we were treated to the vast wonder of the night sky uncluttered by the light pollution of city life. Everything was so clear and awe inspiring.

As an adult living in Kansas, I enjoy the night sky on my drive home from work each night. My favorite time of the year is winter when I can see Orion rising in the sky each night. Like an old friend, he’s always there when I look for him.

This summer I decided to try to find more constellations in the night sky. I read books, looked at sky maps, and still I struggle to find some constellations.

Lucky for me, this summer’s exhibit in the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery can help on my quest. I can stargaze during the day! In the Jewel Box we are projecting the night sky all summer long. I can sit and concentrate on looking for more constellations. So far this summer I’ve discovered Ursa Major and Cassiopeia. I still have trouble finding Pegasus and Draco, but by the end of the summer I think I will have found them!

If you’re like me and want to stargaze during the day, come and visit the Sabatini Gallery. Look carefully and you might even see a shooting star!

Across the Universe will be on display at the Sabatini Gallery until Sun, Aug 18.

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