Recycled Books Become Decorations

Use recycled book pages to make fabulous, fun and fancy decorations! You can make a dahlia wreath like the one on the cover of the Dec 2108 – Jan 2019 Library News. We found the idea from this Book Riot article that highlights book craft projects from easy to advanced.

Hayley Swisher, Bloom Where You’re Planted, media – book, rocks & plastic plant

We periodically hold altered book sessions at the library and community centers that give step-by-step instructions for an altered book project. In January we have two altered book programs scheduled. Watch our art events for altered book and other creative programs. Review this book list for altered book resources you can check out from the library.

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If you search “altered books” on Pinterest you will find pictures and directions for impressive art and crafts made from books. Read this 2015 article to see some of the altered book projects we had on display that year.

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