Meet the Artists

If you haven’t been in to the Sabatini Gallery to see our current shows – you are missing out!
We currently have two amazing exhibits to offer you. The first is in our front gallery, The Good, The Bed & The Ugly, and was curated by three local teens. The main gallery features A Cut Above, wonderful and illustrative paper cut works by five talented artists from around the nation.

I could try and explain the work and summarize the artists’ statements…but why not let the artists tell you themselves!


Cynthia Ferguson gives a fun and quirky introduction to her paper cutting technique.

How To Do Scherenschnitte

Nikki McClure explains how her family’s everyday life is the inspiration for her books and illustrations.

Nikki McClure – Illustrator of all in a day

Angie Pickman uses time lapse video to show how she creates her wonderful work.

Paper Cutting Time Lapse

Clay Rice narrates his story about a lonely shadow looking for an owner.

The Lonely Shadow Narrated

Beatrice Coron explains one of her larger works and the materials she uses.

In the Studio: Beatrice Coron


Zan Popp

Hello, I'm your friendly neighborhood Curator of Exhibitions. I have the amazing job of creating, building and presenting wonderful art exhibits for you at the library's Alice C. Sabatini Art Gallery.