Circulation Guidelines


Obtaining a Library Account

Applicants must show identification indicating name and address. Acceptable forms of ID include a driver’s license, a rental agreement, a student ID, vehicle registration, or other similar forms. A piece of mail may be used to verify address as long as another form of ID is presented to verify name. If the applicant is able to prove name but cannot prove address, two print items may be borrowed and to verify the address information a card will be sent to the mailing address.

Children, unlike adults, may not have access to common forms of ID.  Therefore, they may be allowed to complete an account application without presenting name verification.  They must indicate the name of a responsible adult.  A card will be mailed to them to verify address.  They will be limited to two print items until the card is received.

In the event that a card is needed for purposes other than borrowing, for example to access library computers, customers will be required to provide name and address information sufficient to allow for the creation of an account without borrowing privileges.

Accessing a Library Account

The library issues cards to eligible applicants to identify them as eligible users.  Each card holder should present the card assigned only to them at the time of any transaction.

The use of the library card helps insure accuracy in the access of library accounts.  Therefore, all customers are expected to use that card in completing transactions.  In an emergency it is possible to substitute ID (picture ID is preferable) in lieu of the card.  In these situations the customer will be limited to two (2) items at check out until they produce the library card.

Children without ID should be able to answer questions about their address, birth date, etc. to prove identity.  Children will be limited to two (2) items until they produce the library card.

Using a Library Account

Customers are expected to return materials in good condition within the established loan periods.  All matters about charges should be referred to the Circulation Department for resolution. Lost charges will be waived on items returned in good condition within six months of the original date due.  Refunds will be given for items that are returned in good condition within six months of the original date due.

Customers may keep damaged items for which full replacement charges have been paid although the library reserves the right to dispose of damaged items within a reasonable time.

Material lost or damaged due to extraordinary events such as a house fire, tornado, or flood will be excused.  Billing information will be provided for insurance purposes where applicable.  Theft does not exempt the borrower from payment for the loss of library materials.

The library may forgive charges against a customer account in unusual circumstances not covered above.

The library assumes no liability for loss or damage to user’s equipment or injury from use of library owned materials.

The library reserves the right to employ a collection agency in cases of unresolved charges.