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Circulation Guidelines



Getting a Library Account

Eligible Borrowers

Persons eligible for a library account include the following: 

  • Residents of the Library district (Topeka and Shawnee County) 
  • Non-residents of the Library district who pay ad valorem property taxes within the district 
  • Residents of the area included within the Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS), which includes the following counties: Atchison, Brown, Doniphan, Douglas, Franklin, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Leavenworth, Miami, Nemaha, Osage and Wyandotte 
  • Students and staff of any accredited educational institution within the Library district while they maintain student or staff status 
  • State legislators and their immediate families 
  • Active military stationed in Kansas 
  • Individuals not included on the list above may be permitted an appropriate level of access determined by library administration. 

The library offers 2 different library cards for eligible borrowers as defined above. 

  • TSCPL Ecard: Membership provides access to the library’s digital collections and resource databases, computers, and meeting spaces. 
  • TSCPL All Access Card: All Access membership provides access to all circulating physical materials in addition to resources listed in the Ecard membership. 

Registration Requirements for TSCPL Ecard

Eligible borrowers can register online. Staff will email the TSCPL Ecard barcode and temporary PIN to eligible borrowers within 24 hours. Staff will mail out a TSCPL Ecard to eligible borrowers for address verification. If the Ecard is returned by USPS to the library due to bad address, the account registration will be considered invalid and deleted.  

Children can register for a TSCPL Ecard but must provide the name of their parent or guardian at time of registration in addition to address verification.  

TSCPL Ecard members can obtain All Access membership at any time by following the guidelines below. 

Registration Requirement for All Access Library Card

Applicants must visit the Library or a Bookmobile and show identification to obtain an All Access Library Card. Acceptable forms of ID include a driver’s license, a rental agreement, a student ID, vehicle registration, or other similar forms.   

Customers without a TSCPL Ecard account will need to verify address with staff to be eligible for an All Access Library Card. A piece of mail can verify address if another form of ID is presented to verify name. If the applicant proves identity but cannot prove address, two physical items may be borrowed. Staff will mail out the All Access Library Card for address verification. Address verification is not needed if the customer has a TSCPL Ecard account since it was verified when created. 

Children may register for an account without presenting ID. They must provide the name of a parent or guardian. If they have a TSCPL Ecard account, they can prove identity by verifying their account information. If they do not have a TSCPL Ecard account, an All Access Library Card will be mailed to them to verify address. They will be limited to check out two items until the card is received.  

Any All Access Library Cards returned by USPS to the library due to a bad address will be considered invalid and deleted. 

Accessing a Library Account 

Each library cardholder should present the card assigned only to them at the time of any transaction.  

Due to User Confidentiality Policy, staff cannot look up other library accounts for customers unless the requesting individual is listed as the parent or guardian on a minor’s account. Account financial information for vulnerable adults can only be released to individuals bearing documentation of a court-appointed conservatorship or power of attorney for that individual. Only legal guardians of adults can request full disclosure of another adult’s library account or request the account be deleted. Conservatorship or power of attorney do not have the authority to close or delete an individual’s library account.  

The use of the library card helps ensure accuracy of library accounts. Therefore, all customers are expected to use that card to check out materials or have staff access their account by chat, email, in person or over the telephone.  

It is possible to substitute a picture ID in lieu of the library card. If ID is not available, customers can also verify account information to prove identity to staff.   

Any lost cards should be reported to library staff as soon as possible. 

Using a Library Account

Material Checkouts Limits and Loan Periods

TSCPL Ecards allow access to the library’s digital collections and resource databases, public computers and reserve meeting room spaces. Check out limits and borrowing periods vary for different formats and digital content providers. 

TSCPL All Access card members can check out up to 99 physical titles in addition to accessing the library’s digital resources, public computers, and meeting room spaces. The various checkout limits and loan periods for material types are listed below.  

Item  Check Out Limit  Loan Period 
Music CDs       20  21 days 
Entertainment DVDs & Blu-rays       20  21 days 
Non-Fiction DVDs        20  21 days 
Express DVDs       5  7 days 
Fiction & Non-Fiction Books       *  21 days 
Bestseller Express Books       5  14 days 
Magazines        *  7 days 
Audio Books on CD       *  21 days 
Playaway Audio Books       *  21 days 
Playaway Launch Pads       1  21 days 
Book Group in a Bag       1  42 days 


Customers are expected to return materials in good condition within the established loan periods. As a courtesy, the library sends reminder and/or overdue notices for items. Library pre-overdue notices are sent via email only. Failure to receive notice is not grounds for the cancellation of fees owed. It is the borrower’s responsibility to keep the library informed of changes in address, email and telephone. 

Library Charges

All matters about charges should be referred to the Circulation Department for resolution. Lost charges will be waived on items returned in good condition within six months of the original date due.  Refunds will be given for items returned in good condition within six months of the original date due. 

Customers may keep damaged items once full replacement charges have been paid. The library reserves the right to dispose of damaged items immediately if the condition requires it. 

Material lost or damaged due to extraordinary events such as a house fire, tornado or flood will be excused. Billing information will be provided for insurance purposes where applicable.  

Theft does not exempt the borrower from payment for the loss of library materials. 

The library may forgive charges against a customer account in unusual circumstances not covered above. 

The library assumes no liability for loss or damage to user’s equipment or injury from use of library owned materials. 

The library reserves the right to employ a collection agency in cases of unresolved charges. 

Get the official Circulation and Access Policy.

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