Wedding Tech Trends

Whether it’s unique photos, broadcasting the ceremony for friends and family around the world, or just doing something special for you and your partner, there are a lot of different and fun options to make your wedding more techie!

Technology seems to change on a dime, but here are a few unique ways you can incorporate these trends into your special day, and beyond:

  • Hide a Go-Pro in the bridal bouquet to record a different perspective on the day.
  • Use a drone to take more unique photos and video, or have it bring the rings right to you during the ceremony!
  • 3D print cake toppers, decorations or even party favors. You can create your own designs, or use some that have already been created. Learn about the library’s 3D printer.
  • Create a unique hashtag for your wedding so your guests can tag all their photos and video on social media.
  • Set up a charging station or two so guests can keep their phones ready to take that perfect photo or video.
  • There are even apps that help with thank you cards! Pick a style, type what you want to say, and order the batch.
  • Live-stream the wedding so friends and family who couldn’t make it can still celebrate with you from wherever they may be.
  • Wedding cake projection mapping is a thing and it gives you near limitless options.
  • There are digital guestbook apps where guests can leave pictures and messages that you can print out after the big day.

Check out wedding magazines for the latest trends and more ideas.

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