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Destination weddings are a different and exciting way to get married. However, there are many things to consider if you want to have a wedding far from home. What’s the budget? How many people will be there? How long will you be there? Planning ahead is all is takes to make a destination wedding special.

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There are a number of resorts and travel packages available for a couple who wants to get away for their wedding. These can range from warm sunny beaches to cool mountain peaks around the world. These packages can include just the couple or be tailored to fit the number of people who may be accompanying you. When trying to find the right place for you and your partner, keep in mind these steps:

  • Budget accordingly. No matter what kind of trip you book, making sure you travel within your means (especially if there are hiccups along the way) is the first step in having a memorable wedding.
  • Hire a coordinator, or if you’d rather not, make sure the hotel or resort you choose has an all-inclusive option. This will minimize miscommunications and headaches.
  • Determine how many people will be joining you.
  • Determine how long everyone will be staying.
  • Choose a destination and buy your airline tickets at least 6 months ahead of time for cheaper rates.
  • Choose a date and make sure your invites (if anyone is invited) are sent at least 6 months ahead of time.
  • Get the marriage license. You’ll need to make sure you’re adhering to laws from your own country and state, as well as the destination you decide to visit.

If you are planning to have guests at a destination wedding, there are few other things to keep in mind when planning your getaway. Review available activities for your guests outside of the wedding festivities. Consider sending your guest a list of activity options before they arrive so they can make plans. Make sure any special accommodations can be made for those who need them and that rooms can be canceled and booked easily.

If you plan to have a reception back home, you’ll need to budget and plan for this accordingly. Some couples don’t invite anyone to the destination wedding, but plan a party after they return. If this is your plan, photos from your wedding and your trip make great decorations for the reception.

Regardless of where you choose to spend your wedding day, your loved ones will enjoy the time spent with you. Don’t fret about the small stuff and enjoy your vacation. Below you are useful destination wedding resources you can check out from the library.

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