Weird and Wacky Festivals

July-August 2011

From comic book shows to chili cook-offs.  Fun fairs and festivals are held all across America.  Whatever your interest, I’m sure someone, somewhere is celebrating it.

Lebowski Fest, Louisville, KY, July 15-16th

Although not a hit when it was first released in 1998, The Big Lebowski has since become a cult sensation, spawning Lebowski Fest, now celebrating it’s 10th year.  The film stars Jeff Bridges as The Dude, a middle-aged slacker who stumbles into a complicated mystery that he can’t quite grasp.  The Big Lebowski is filled with odd characters, odder events and very quotable dialogue.

Lebowski Fest celebrates all things Lebowski:  Limitless bowling (The Dude’s favorite pastime), White Russians at the bar (The Dude’s favorite beverage), games, live music and a outdoor screening of the movie.  Fans (or Acheivers) often dress as their favorite characters, play Lebowski-themed trivia and buy merchandise (as I’m writing this, I am wearing my Lebowski Fest bowling shirt from 2006!).

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Dayton Air Show, Dayton, Ohio, July 23-24th

The birthplace of Orville and Wilbur Wright is the site of one of the country’s largest air shows.  The U.S. Navy Thunderbirds, U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team and a working replica of the famed Wright Flyer are just a few of the featured attractions of this grand event.

Over 100 aircraft are on the display for closer inspection, along with demonstrations and a special kid’s hanger full of activities for the little ones.  And if one weekend isn’t enough, make your way to the nearby National Museum of the United States Air Force to see over 300 aircraft in the world’s oldest and largest military aviation museum.

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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Sturgis, South Dakota, Aug 8-14th

For something much more extreme, head north to Sturgis.  Since it’s beginning in 1938, Sturgis has grown to over 500,000 in attendance.  A variety of competitions and exhibitions fill the week, will live music and partying every night.

Sturgis has become a phenomenon for both hard-core motorcyclists and first-timers.  Once, you’ve been to Sturgis, you’ll never forget it.

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