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If you own a Smartphone, then you should be utilizing various apps to help you travel with more ease. The apps mentioned below are available on both android and apple Smartphones. And there are many more travel apps available than what is mentioned, so search in the market/app store or travel magazines at the library to find the ones that work best for you!

Many of you may or may not have heard, but the State Library of Kansas has a mobile app called 3M Cloud Library. This app allows you to search, checkout, and read books right on your Smartphone! Before you leave for your trip, make sure you sign up for a Kansas Library Card at TSCPL so you have the ability to use this app. (Free)

Gas Buddy is a great resource that helps you locate the gas stations with the best prices in your area. (Free)

Gate Guru helps you navigate your way around airport terminals regarding restaurants, shops, and services. Reviews are available, and this app is available in 125 airports. (Free)

Google Goggles can identify landmarks, brands, works of art, and will even translate foreign text inside a picture. This is a must-have app for travelling overseas. (Free)

Google Translate will help you translate over 60 different languages. Most languages allow you to speak the phrase you want translated and you can hear the correct translation in the foreign language. (Free)

Hotel Tonight is a great app that allows you to search for hotels at the last minute. Within seconds, you can have the room reserved for a low rate. (Free)

Skype is a great resource to use if you have access to Wi-Fi. You can call any phone much cheaper than you otherwise would. The best part is if your family/friends also have Skype, your calls are absolutely free. If you don’t have time to talk, then you can use Skype’s chatting feature to send free instant messages. (Free)

Trip It allows you to send your airline, hotel, restaurant, and tour reservations to, and the Trip It app will merge everything into the app. You can see and manage all your travel plans and not lose the data. (Free)

Trip Journal is essentially a digital diary. You can record all the sights and sounds by recording the routes you take, take videos and photographs, and make notes of what you see and experience. You can connect the app to your blog, facebook, twitter, and more! Also, trips can be archive so you have them for future reference. ($2.90)

uPackingList is a great tool to help you pack for your trip without the headache. You won’t forget to pack even the smallest item due to the ability to check an item off from a convenient list of necessary items right on your Smartphone. You also have the ability to send any list via email. (Free)

Where uses the GPS locator in your phone to real-time information regarding cheap gas, weather forecasts, movie show times, restaurant reviews, traffic conditions, and news headlines. This app also lets you browse the yellow pages and the Yelp app directory. (Free)

XE Currency is a currency exchange app that is updated every minute so you have up to date currency conversions. There are over 180 currencies that the app provides the exchange rates. The app also stores the latest currency rate. You can follow up to 10 different currency exchange rates at once. (Free)

Yelp helps you find restaurant where you are visiting. There are many restaurant finders out there, but Yelp has the comprehensive reviews. (Free)

Many airlines have apps to help you check the flight status, see a standby list, book flights, and even check in. Some airlines have better apps, but it is a great convenience to have on your trip. Make sure you get the app for the airline which you fly the most since it may not be worth downloading every airline app. Some airlines that have apps include: American Airlines, Continental, Southwest, United Airlines, and US Airways. (Free)


Do you have a favorite app that you can’t live without that you’d like to add to the list? Please share!

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  1. I will definitely add the Southwest airline app to keep track of changing flights. These all sound really great and most are FREE!

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