Monday Farmers Market

Pictures from Farmers Market. Tomatoes, Orange bell peppers and a local farmer holding several fresh red onions.

At Monday Farmers Market at your library shop high-quality, locally-grown produce, farm fresh eggs, baked goods, fresh cut flowers and bedding plants. What a fresh way to start your week. Look for more variety as the season progresses. Free fun craft for kids at each market.

WHAT’S FRESH MONDAY, OCTOBER 7! | 7:30-11:30am
Library parking lot, 10th & Washburn
Beets, Cookies, Farm Fresh Eggs, Local Honey, Okra, Onions, Pears, Peppers, Pickles Hot and Sweet, Potted Plants, Pumpkins, Quick Breads, Radishes, Seasoned Pretzels, and Squash.

OCTOBER 7 IS THE LAST MARKET OF THE SEASON. Thanks to everyone for supporting Monday Farmers Market at Your Library. We will see you next season, May 2020.

List of Farmers Markets in Shawnee County

Why Shop at Monday Farmers Market?

  1. Buy direct from the farmer – Help support the local economy.
  2. Taste real flavors – Fresh, locally produced food tastes so much better.
  3. Crafts for kids – While you browse the vendor booths, kids can make a new craft each week to take home.

If you have questions about the market or would like to be a vendor, please contact Bonnie at (785) 580-4495 or Note: SFMNP vouchers accepted by some of our vendors.


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