Monday Farmers Market

Pictures from Farmers Market. Tomatoes, Orange bell peppers and a local farmer holding several fresh red onions.


Our mission is to increase access to high-quality, locally-grown produce, farm fresh eggs, baked goods, fresh cut flowers, and bedding plants within walking distance of Downtown Topeka. What a fresh way to start your week. Look for more variety as the season progresses.

Mondays | Through October 2 | 7:30-11:30am
Library parking lot, 10th and Washburn


Why Shop at the Monday Farmers Market?

  • Buy direct from the farmer – Help support the local economy.
  • Taste real flavors – Fresh, locally produced food tastes so much better.
  • Start your day with a little movement, sunshine, and community connection.

What’s Fresh starting May 8! Stay tuned to find out!

What it takes to become a market vendor?

  • Have a valid Kansas Sales Tax Number
  • Feature eligible products: breads and baked goods, fresh cut flowers, potted herbs, seedlings, flowers, plants and honey. Due to the mission and the size of the market, no craft-only vendors will be included.
  • Apply – call 785-580-4458 or email application to 


If you have questions about the market, please call 785-580-4458 or email 

Note: SFMNP vouchers accepted by some of our vendors.