Make-It Lab: The library makerspace

Ultimaker 3D printer

Welcome to the Make-It Lab, a place where you can create … anything! What is the Make-It Lab? It’s the library’s makerspace, where you can create music, videos, audio recordings, digital art and 3D contraptions. Here’s some more information:

Where is it? It’s in the back of our Media Room. Walk into the library and when you get to the atrium (the room with the skylights), take a left. Follow the signs to the Make-It Lab.

What can you do there? Quite a bit! Here are some examples of projects you can work on in the Make-It Lab:

  • Edit and manipulate photos
  • Create digital art
  • Create and edit videos
  • Record music, podcasts, and oral histories
  • Transfer videos from old formats to newer digital ones
  • Transfer audio cassette tapes to MP3 format
  • Scan photos and documents
  • Make cool stuff with our 3D printer.

Want more information about the Make-It Lab? Check out the pages below:

Questions? Feel free to ask here.

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