The Level 2 Tech Center is your free technology work space. Regardless of your skill level, we have the staff, equipment, software and training to help you meet your goals. The Level 2 Tech Center includes:

  • Public computers with high speed internet & Microsoft software
  • CoLab rooms for 1-3 people with conference table, 42″ monitor, webcam, speakers & software
  • Fully-equipped recording studios for audio and video recording
  • Design center with Macs, Adobe Creative Suite, Cricut, 3D printer, 3D scanner and laminator

Schedule an orientation appointment to learn to use a recording studio or the design center. Once you’ve learned the basics of how the equipment works, you can schedule time in these spaces to work on whatever you’d like – podcasts, videos, photo editing, graphic design, vinyl lettering or almost anything else you dream up.

How you might use the Tech Center

Whether you’re a noob (newbie), pro or hacker when it comes to tech we can help you level up your tech game. The friendly and knowledgeable staff in the Level 2 Tech Center are here to help make that happen.


Walks in not really wanting to touch tech equipment but knowing they need to level up if they’re going to get that dream job. Sets up a Job Help appointment with our crackerjack Business and Careers Team and a Gadget Help appointment with our skilled Tech Team. Comes back because it’s not quite as scary as it seemed at first. Walks out with pro computer skills to add to their resume.


Wants to try their hand at creating a podcast but doesn’t really know where to start. Sets up an orientation meeting with our Tech Team to learn how to use the recording studio. Takes a few LinkedIn Learning classes on podcasts, makes a plan and starts recording. First podcast done and ready for more. Starts to be known as Podcast Hacker around town (well, maybe just to their friends).


Ready to start that Etsy side hustle but doesn’t have the money to buy the design software or the design equipment. Sets up an orientation meeting for the Digital Arts Studio with the Tech Team to get independent use of the equipment. Spends much of their free time designing, redesigning and finally 3D printing the cutest, most perfect cat accessory ever. Sells out in the first week.

Whatever level you’re at, level up in the Level 2 Tech Center.
Information about the Recording Studio, Design Studio, CoLab Rooms

Recording Studio

Amp up your audio game in one of our recording studios. From podcasts to music recordings, the recording studios have you covered with soundproofing up to 80db. We have built in equipment to easily podcast with up to four* guests in an attractive space. Use our Shure mics to run audio through the PreSonus Studio audio interface and access recording software such as GarageBand, Audacity and the Adobe Creative Suite. You will not only sound better than recording in your friend’s basement, your background will look professional in your selfies to promote your newest episode.

Recording Studio B includes a video setup. Oral histories, YouTube demos, video resumes – your creativity is in the driver seat with our built-in Panasonic Lumix G7 cameras, Pearl Mini video production system and video editing software (edit in the Design Studio). You can use our green screen to add your own backgrounds and effects! We have staff available to help you troubleshoot.

Design Studio

We have the equipment and software to move your ideas from concept to reality. After an orientation, book time to experiment with our Cricut Explore 3, Ultimaker 3D printer, 3D scanner to digitize your stuff, and Photolam laminator to protect your photos, make games, cards, or even bookmarks.

CoLab Rooms

CoLab Rooms provide a quiet space equipped with technology for one to three people. Each room has a small conference table, 42” monitor with built-in webcam and speakers, and work software such as the Microsoft suite. These rooms are perfect for virtual meetings, remote work, video interviews and consultations. You can reserve a CoLab Room up to seven days in advance for up to three hours a day with your library card.

ToddQuestions about the tech center?

Contact Todd Smith, Emerging Technologies Librarian