On the Hunt for a Job

You’ve made the decision – you’re going to look for a job! Maybe you’re in a job you don’t really enjoy or that is too far away to continue to commute. Or perhaps you’ve finished a degree or certification program and you want a job in your chosen field. You might also want to switch career fields entirely! You have just one question – where do I begin?

For many people, this question can turn from a bump in the road to an overwhelming mountain to climb. There are so many places to look, with dozens of suggestions on how to proceed, how to apply, what to wear, what is “trendy,” what should be avoided … the list goes on and on. It can be so frustrating. Who said you had to learn how to get a job?

Take a deep breath. You aren’t alone and there is a good place to begin.

Job Lab

The library just launched a multi-week job series called Job Lab where you can work with library staff and community partners to tackle various job hunting aspects. We’ll cover topics such as resumes, cover letters, interview skills and how to safely apply. See the upcoming topics and the dates we’ll cover each.

We’ll start each session with a short presentation on the topic of the week. Then you’ll have time with staff to work on your needs. Bring your materials like a resume, or list of previous jobs and skills, a laptop or pen and paper, and all your questions. This is a great opportunity to really sharpen your interview skills and ask questions you’ve always had about searching for a job. You can also brainstorm with fellow job seekers to come up with creative and brilliant solutions together.

You don’t need to register for any of the classes. The brief presentation or handout materials will be uploaded within a couple of days of the class for you to refer to later.

We know how stressful and complex a job search can be, and we want to give you the best tools to help you feel confident as you apply.

If you want to learn more about Jobs and Careers at the library, click here to learn more. Browse our list of job and career books and resources:

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Meredith is the Business and Careers Librarian. Her focus is on helping people become entrepreneurs, find a job or career they enjoy, access legal information and become financially literate, and helping nonprofits with grant research. She is passionate about eliminating barriers to access in all forms through digital equity and equitable access to information. She loves to read mysteries, historical fiction and historical mysteries. When she isn't working she loves to spend time with her family and enjoys learning new things to keep her mind fresh.