Holiday Cookies

Eighteen lucky teens got to make holiday sugar cookies from scratch on Monday, December 10. Most of the teens were inexperienced in the kitchen so they were given very simple detailed instructions.

Lesson 1: read the recipe before you start adding the ingredients. Lesson 2: fill your measuring cup to the top, don’t scoop the Crisco from the container. Lesson 3: turn the mixer on low when mixing the eggs, sugar, vanilla and shortening. There was a small casualty when the mixer was removed from the bowl while still rotating. Everyone quickly recovered and they were back on track. Lesson 4: stir the dry ingredients in by hand because the mixers won’t stir the stiff dough. Lesson 5: yes, you do have to roll out the cookie dough to make cookies, a big ball of dough won’t cook properly.

Once the cookies were cut into shapes, sprinkled with colored sugar and baked the teens thought the program was fun. Everyone agreed the best part of cooking is eating the finished product.