Writing Resolutions

Every November, I write a new first draft of a novel as part of National Novel Writing Month. After I write 50,000 words and reach “The End” of the story … I stop. If anyone asks, I claim I’m too busy to pursue revising, editing or publishing. At least, until the next November, when I enthusiastically write another novel.

That doesn’t sound too bad… until I admit that I’ve been avoiding revising my fiction since 2003. Last fall, I wrote my 15th fiction manuscript, all of which I’ve never let anyone else read.

Learning new ways

This year, I want to stop claiming I’m “too busy” and admit that I haven’t been willing to try. My brain throws up so many excuses:

  • I suspect that revising my own work will be uncomfortable.
  • I know from previous experience that learning and practicing new skills is challenging.
  • And if I’m being honest, I’m a bit scared to show my writing to other writers and readers and ask for their feedback.

This year, I want to do something different. I want to start revising and editing my writing. I’m planning to use library resources to support this new learning. In fact, it’s one of my writing resolutions!

My writing resolutions for 2018

With some luck and perseverance, you can expect to see more book reviews posted at Bibliocommons and Goodreads, more engagement in the local writing community, more beta reading of my fellow writers’ manuscripts, and more drafts I am willing to share out with other writers as I begin revising my own work.

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Inspiration for your writing goals

Make it social: start or join a writing group

What writing resolutions will you set for 2018?

To help inspire you, I reached out to other local writers to find out their writing resolutions:

  • “Sending out queries for articles and poetry publishing.” – Johnna
  • “Writing a better first chapter and sending out my first Nano novel. Editing my third novel.” – Bethany
  • “I’m going to rewrite my novel on my iPhone and make it much more dialog and less descriptive action.” – Roy
  • “Write every day next year. I find when I’m in the groove of writing every day I actually write better and enjoy the writing so much more, so 2018 will be the year of multiple novels.” – Stephen
  • “A resolution I keep meaning to making but never follow through with is submitting my writing for publication. It’s scary and new and different because it means admitting to myself that my writing can be pretty good, sharing it with others, and facing rejection, but it’s a personal goal.” – Emi

What are your writing goals for 2018? And if you aren’t thinking in terms of writing goals, what else will you stop claiming you are “too busy” to learn or try? Share your goals in the comments!



Lissa Staley

Lissa Staley helps people use the library. She is a Book Evangelist, Health Information Librarian, Trivia Emcee, Classics Made Modern book group leader, NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison, Community Novel Project leader, HUSH podcaster, and frequent library customer. She reads a new book every few days, but recently enjoyed Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley.