Where There is Smoke There is Fire in The Burning

The BurningA serial killer is on the loose whose signature of burned and beaten women has left an indelible impression on the public. Everyone wants this brutal murderer found, and as women fear for their lives they react to any threat as if their life is endangered. After the killer strikes a fifth time, the public outcry is huge and the team swings into action.

DI Maeve Kerrigan is part of the team, but everyone in this team wants to make a name for themself including Maeve. Determined to break the case, Maeve painstakingly investigates the latest victim’s life looking for any possible clues, but is she looking in the wrong place and wasting valuable time? The Burning by Jane Casey is a suspenseful novel with surprising twists as Maeve throws herself into the investigation despite the fact it might cost her more than she could imagine.


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