Vengeance in Dead Anyway

Dead AnywayArthur Cathcart was a numbers cruncher and freelance researcher who worked from home and counted himself lucky because his beautiful wife loved him and he loved her. They were happy and life was perfect until a hired gunman killed his wife and left Arthur for dead.

Having a bullet go through his head changed Arthur’s life but it was the loss of his wife that truly impacted him and gave him a new focus: to let the world believe he was dead, find the killersand make them pay. It sounds simple, but the trail will lead directly to the mob and to a hidden world that can easily explode into violence.

In Dead Anyway by Chris Knopf, Arthur transforms from a relaxed easygoing guy into a hardened man who will use violence and deception to find truth and vengeance. This is a fast paced novel with heightened intensity as Arthur becomes more entangled with the killers and their bosses. Knopf is also the author of the popular Sam Acquillo Series and the Jackie Swaitkowski Series both set in the Hamptons.


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