Vacations in a Nightmare World from the Latest Novel by Matthew Costello

VacationThe world changed after massive crop failures and starvation. Only patches of civilization exist that are fenced in and protected from the new greatest threat to humanity- other changed humans. No one knows how it happened, but it was like a switch was thrown and these humans or “Can Heads” started eating other humans. The Can Heads aren’t stupid but can be cunning and trick the unchanged humans into traps. Civilization is teetering on the brink as the Can Heads seem to be gaining ground, but even in the midst of the fight policemen and civilians need a vacation.

New York City policeman, Jack Murphy, has been injured after an attack with the Can Heads, when he, his wife and family decide it’s time to go on vacation to Paterville, a community that boasts about its beaches, lake, and security from the Can Heads. Jack and his family arrive to the appearances of an oasis with all Paterville’s promises coming true- including a life guard for his teenage daughter to flirt with- but in this world appearances can be deceptive. Jack isn’t sure if the warning bells in his head are just left over from being a cop or is there something very wrong behind Paterville’s façade in Vacation by Matthew Costello. The thrilling action doesn’t stop there it continues with the novel, Home.


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