Trapped with the Devil in Victor LaValle’s latest Literary Horror

The Devil in SilverIt started out as a favor for a special lady, but Pepper went too far and the favor turned into a fight, then Pepper was arrested, but instead of jail he ended up in a mental ward. He was to be observed for seventy-two hours and then could be released, but those hours turned into days and weeks. Pepper was trapped in a place where he didn’t believe he belonged, and it seemed his nightmare couldn’t be any worse, but it was because of the Devil.

On Pepper’s second night at the mental ward when he was asleep in his bed the Devil came for a visit. Awoken from a drug induced sleep Pepper couldn’t believe his eyes, but Pepper could smell the Devil and feel his touch and breath, then Pepper knew the Devil was real. Pepper is not a man to back down from a fight even with the Devil, though he’ll need help to survive and that help will have to come from the other patients, insane or not. The Devil in Silver by Victor LaValle combines literary horror with an exploration about personal demons, insanity, and the power of friendship. LaValle is a critically acclaimed author who has won numerous awards and has also written Slapboxing with Jesus and Big Machine: A Novel.


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