Top City Reads Together this summer

Read with us this summer and join us to talk about books! Our featured summer books are Bloody Jack in June and Spying on Whales in July. Chat with other readers in our Top City Reads Together Facebook group throughout the month and join us for Zoom discussions about each book.

Whether you read these books with us or something else, you’ll want to join the Summer Reading Challenge. Adults will earn a voucher for a free delicious pastry from the Millennium Café when you complete the reading challenge by logging at least 12 hours of reading in June and July. Sign up here to take the challenge. Read books, eat a treat — it’s a win-win!

Bloody Jack

Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer was added to our list by readers and voted our winner for June. It’s an adventure story about Mary Faber, AKA Bloody Jack. Find out how she went from an orphan girl named Mary to a ship’s boy named Jacky. She’s resourceful, brave and adventurous. During June there will be no waiting list for anyone who wants to check out the ebook on Libby. So grab a copy and read along. We’ll discuss via Zoom June 21, 7pm. Register for the Zoom link.

Spying on Whales

Readers also voted for Spying on Whales by Nick Pyenson. In July we’ll take a deep dive into the lives of some of the largest, most intelligent species to have ever lived on our planet. Whales evolved from land-roaming, dog-sized creatures into animals that move like fish, breathe like us, can grow to 300,000 pounds, live 200 years and travel entire ocean basins. During July Spying on Whales will be available with no holds as an ebook on Libby. We’ll discuss via Zoom July 19, 7pm. Register for the Zoom link.

Top City Reads Together

Join us on Top City Reads Together to chat books, learn about what’s happening at the library, and connect with other readers all year long. Contact us at or 580-4400 if you have questions about events, logging your summer reading time or anything else. Happy reading!

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Miranda is your Readers Librarian. She loves to talk books, and to connect readers with their next great reads. Her favorite reads are poetry, literary fiction, and speculative science fiction, and she's passionate about promoting literature written by Kansas authors. She works with library programs that support and engage writers in our community, so ask her for more information about the Local Writers Workshop and Great Writers Right Here author fair. Miranda also facilitates TALK book discussions, co-leads the BookBites book discussion group, and serves as a member of the library's Top City Reads Together team.