Time Travel and Regency Adventure in The River of No Return

The River of no ReturnNick Falcott was about to die on a Napoleonic Battlefield when he disappeared and reappeared in the twenty-first century. Waiting for Nick was the Guild, an organization made up of other time travelers. The Guild takes care of its members by helping them to adjust and providing large incomes, but there is a price because the rules of the guild must be followed. With reservations Nick accepts The Guild’s help and lives his new life without interference until one day he is asked by The Guild to break one of their rules and go back to his own time of 1815.

Nick was going home to his family and the woman he had never forgotten, but it was only temporary since he was on a mission to find the Talisman and once completed he would be brought back to the present day dead or alive. This is a formidable task because no one knows what the Talisman is and to complicate matters Nick discovers The Guild has enemies and secrets too. The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway is a novel that combines time travel, intrigue, and romance turning it into a Regency adventure.


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