The Western Thriller, Under Tower Peak

Under Tower PeakA billionaire’s plane disappeared in the Sierra Nevada Mountains until a chance discovery several months later by Tommy and his coworker while they were fixing trails. Tommy’s only concern was reporting the plane to the sheriff, but his coworker saw a way to make some money and somehow dragged Tommy into his scheme. Unfortunately, the billionaire not only had money but big problems with his family that will lead right to Tommy.

The billionaire’s family consists of a trophy wife and an estranged son who fancies himself a drug kingpin. Both are determined to inherit the money even at the cost of violence and lives. Tommy, who had served two tours in Iraq, is prepared for trouble, but he can’t stop the coming onslaught of violence that will leave death in its wake in Under Tower Peak by Bart Paul. This western thriller is told in an authentic voice as Tommy narrates the story that unfolds quickly and feels as if at any moment it could explode into violence.


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