The Return of the Murder Squad in The Black Country

Black CountryDeep in the British Midlands, the mining town of Blackhampton has a possible tragedy on its hands- a husband, wife, and their youngest child have disappeared though their three other children are still safe at home. There are miles of tunnels underground and woods nearby for someone to disappear into either alive or dead, and the lone constable cannot possibly search the entire area. Then a young girl finds an eyeball in a bird’s nest and the Murder Squad from Scotland Yard is called in to help with the investigation.

Inspector Walter Day and Sergeant Nevil Hammersmith arrived to a chilly reception. The villagers of Blackhampton have their ways, superstitions, and secrets, and they don’t want the outsider detectives to be upsetting their lives. Despite the lack of help from the village, Day and Hammersmith forge ahead in their investigation but the apathy from the village develops into hostile undertones.

Day and Hammersmith have only two days to find the family before all hope fades, yet the danger grows for both men with the threat of dying in this isolated village. The Black Country is a historical mystery set in 1890 at the beginning of modern investigation and continues the story from the bestseller, The Yard, by Alex Grecian.


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