The Pulse of the city and the death of a prostitute in Hour of the Red God

Hour of the Red GodTo the other detectives she was just another murdered prostitute, but not to Detective Mollel because he recognized her. Not her personally, but where she came from since she was Maasai just like Mollel. In Nairobi, ethnic loyalties run strong and Mollel feels an obligation to the victim but it’s more than that. For Mollel it’s an obsession to solve crimes, even to the point of ignoring his son and the growing unrest of the city.

It’s 2007 during the Presidential elections that would result in riots and bloodshed, and yet Mollel is focused on the murdered prostitute. Though this is no ordinary case because the trail takes him not only through the slums but also into the homes of the powerful. Hour of the Red God introduces this new detective who in his past has had trouble with his fellow officers, but Mollel will not leave their ranks no matter how much they want him to go. This is a gripping thriller that pulsates with life and moves with energy. The author, Richard Crompton, is a journalist who lives in Nairobi.


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