The Price of Magic in The Uncertain Places

The Uncertain PlacesThe Feierabend family seemed to have all the luck in the world with a vineyard, their own wine label, and money. The three sisters, Maddie, Livvy, and Rose, were intelligent, successful and each had her own charm. So when Will Taylor met Livvy and her family, it became a magical time for him. It was 1971, he was a young student at Berkeley and everything seemed perfect, but there were hints that not all was well.

There was a price for the Feierabend’s good fortune and one of the sisters was going to have to pay it. Will is determined to save her from her fate but his only link to the truth was a fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm. In The Uncertain Placesby Lisa Goldsteinan age old bargain feeds and haunts a family and Will must tread into a supernatural world that isn’t suppose to exist.

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