The Mind Bending Ride of The Man from Primrose Lane

The Man from Primrose LaneEvery neighborhood seems to have someone that’s a little odd or eccentric and West Akron, Ohio had the man from Primrose Lane who wore mittens everyday through the heat of summer to the cold of winter. He lived in a rundown isolated house, and for the most part people left him alone and watched him from a distance until one day he was murdered.

The case had gone cold, but when the murder is brought to the attention of true-crime writer David Neff his curiosity is piqued even though Neff hasn’t written for years after his wife’s suicide. This investigation might bring Neff back to life, but the murdered man and Neff have an odd connection that brings danger and death closer to Neff. The Man from Primrose Lane by James Renner is a deviously plotted story that twists into the completely unexpected. This novel is more than a mystery or a thriller and delves into other realms.


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