The Latest Sci-fi Thriller by Daniel H. Wilson

AmpedIn the near future a new human has emerged with implants in the brain that has altered intelligence and given skills that make some people very smart and others even dangerous. Though most humans don’t have the implants, they see the results of implants and that provokes fear and anger causing a violent backlash that would impact everyone with implants, even those who appear very ordinary.

Owen Gray had a simple life as a high school teacher until he got caught up in the violence and lost his job and home. He had never thought about his implants before, but with the new dangers he makes a discovery- the implants he has were special ones only used by the military and someone is killing everyone with those implants. He flees to the one place that may have the answers about his implant and their powers, but the violence follows him. As much thriller as science fiction story, Amped: A Novel by Daniel H. Wilson is an exciting read as Owen must discover his powers, himself, and stop an impending war against the new humans.


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