The Latest Sam Christer Thriller

Venice ConspiracyAfter rescuing a woman from an assault that left two of the attackers dead, Tom Shaman was filled with guilt over their deaths, so he left the priesthood and went to Venice, Italy. He was hoping to start anew, but the violence followed Tom after he helped pull a murdered teen-aged girl out of the canal. Because of his help Tom finds that he is suddenly in the middle of the investigation that appears to be something far more sinister than simple murder since the victim had been mutilated, cut and was missing her liver.

The murder was clearly meant to look like a ritualistic killing, but Tom is worried that this might be the real thing and that an evil is seeping into the streets and canals of Venice. In The Venice Conspiracy by Sam Christer a centuries old evil is resurfacing and about to increase the sacrificial body count as Tom races to stop the killings. This conspiracy thriller intertwines the story of how the evil was born with the present day and the followers that want to continue this evil. This is Christer’s second book and his best selling first book is The Stonehenge Legacy.


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