The Last Zero Fighter

If you are a history buff, especially of World War II you won’t want to miss this opportunity. On June 10th, at 7:00 p.m. in Menninger Room.   Dan King author and Pacific War Historian will review his book the Last Zero Fighter: King has written a first hand accounts of experience of Japanese Naval pilots.  In addition to writing many books Mr. King has worked as a consultant on several dozen movies, as well as with HBO and The History Channel.  Among which are–“Flags of our Fathers”, “Letters from Iwo Jima”, The Last Samurai, and the HBO mini-series, “The Pacific”.

The Last Zero Fighters describes the exploits of Japanese airmen, putting to paper stories of 5 survivors. A highlight of the book includes the story of  93 year old man Kaname Harada.  Mr. Harada participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor.  He saw action throughout the war and survives to this day.  The Last Zero Fighters gives a look into the mind of the enemy.   As he says, they had the same feeling of patriotism, and love of family that prompted Allied fliers to perform their duties as well.  As the book points out, “War is ugly, senseless and cruel.  We must never forget.”

Mr. King is in town to present his book at the Combat Air Museum and has graciously offered to tell his story to the general public.  I think this is rare opportunity to hear and learn an unspoken story of World War II.  I have been wanting to read this kind of book for a long time, and look forward to the event.  I hope you will plan to attend on June 10th.