The Homage To the Eagle in An Eternity of Eagles

An Eternity of EaglesThe eagle conjures up many different images from an aggressive predator to its astonishing beauty in flight. The interaction between eagles and humans has occurred for centuries, and noted author and naturalist, Stephen J. Bodio has written a book about these extraordinary birds that also includes the bird’s relationship with people in An Eternity of Eagles: The Human History of the Most Fascinating Bird in the World.

The book begins with a deftly written overview about the eagle’s natural history that includes their descriptions and habits. The account of the eagle goes beyond science and examines how the eagle has been portrayed in the arts and myths, the perceptions about the bird, and the hunting relationship between humans and eagles in falconry. This exploration of the eagle is extensive with descriptive writing that is accompanied by wonderful photographs and illustrations that capture the impact of the eagle on the natural world and people.


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