The Hauntings in The Silence

The SilenceAunt Charlotte has died and her home, Stilter House, is filled with antiques that need to be catalogued and sold. Antique dealer, Nell West, has been asked to go to the house and stay while she inventories the antiques, but Nell is unaware that the house has an unsavory past. For years there were rumors of ghosts and strange happenings at Stilter House especially since the house was built on the burnt remains of a house where there was a murder and disappearances.

Nell and her young daughter arrive at the house only to discover that the electricity is out and that they must light the darkness with only candles. Piano music can be heard but the piano is locked and the key missing. Atmospheric and creepy, The Silence by Sarah Rayne is written in the tradition of the classic ghost stories from the turn of the twentieth century. This horror novel has enough scares to prick fear but is also about the mystery behind the hauntings and the discoveries that uncover the truth about Stilter House.


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