The Gritty Purgatory Chasm

Purgatory ChasmConway Sax has been a lot of things from an expert auto mechanic to a race car driver and finally an ex-con. One thing that hasn’t changed about Conway is his loyalty, especially to the Barnburners, an Alcoholics Anonymous group that saved Conway’s life. So when Barnburner member Tander Phigg needs help getting his car back from a mechanic, Conway is there. Unfortunately, before Conway can get the car back Tander is murdered.

Death does not end Conway’s promise to Tander and now Conway also decides to find Tander’s killer. Conway discovers that Tander was not honest with him and that Tander may have been involved in something illegal. To discover the truth Conway must delve into Tander’s life and find the killer before the killer finds Conway.

Purgatory Chasm by Steve Ulfelder is the first novel in a new series featuring Conway Sax. This is a gritty mystery with the hard edged Conway whose sense of honor propels him into the case and danger. Fast paced, this mystery also delves into the minds of the characters as Conway pursues the case.


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