The Debut of the New Epic Fantasy, Blood’s Pride

Blood's Pride

Blood’s Pride

Years earlier the warlike Norlander conquered the Shadar, stole their lands, and enslaved them to work in the mines and temples. The Shadar want to throw off the Norlander yoke, and secretly plot a rebellion, but they need help. So, they turn to the legendary mercenary known as the Mongrel.

The Mongrel is mysterious, dangerous, and has never lost a fight, but the Shadar worry about her price because she does not ask for money. Instead, after the Shadar are free, they must give the Mongrel whatever she asks for, and the Shadar are desperate enough to agree.

With a rebellion simmering and the coming confrontation between the Norlander and the Shadar, Blood’s Pride is an epic fantasy that weaves an intricate story filled with detail, action, and the relationships that have led to both hate and love. This promising new fantasy is the first book in the Shattered Kingdoms Series by Evie Manieri.


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